Welcome to Covington Creek Candle Company! I'm so glad you stopped in for a visit. I'm committed to creating a stable lifestyle by self sufficiency. Prices are going to keep going up. Food recalls are increasing. I don't know about you but I like to know how my food was grown and that I'm the one that canned it. I want to help everyone become more self sufficient whether you live in a apartment, the burbs, a acre or two or more. Of course we can't do everything but I think you will be amazed at how much control you can have.

My home business now includes quilted items and rustic home crafts in addition to creating the best and healthiest cold process soap, 100% pure soy candles, bees wax candles and natural/organic salves and lip balm as possible. Many say I have the best Fort Wayne handcrafted soap, salves and candles. I still haven't found the right place to open a brick and mortar store so www.covingtoncreekcandles.com will have the cold process soap rotating. But email me if there is a special item you are looking for and I will do my best to create it. I am all about customer satisfaction. I am continuing to look for a few acres to grow my own ingredients and move the shop part out of my home and into a separate building.

I am trying to help make this a greener and healthier place to live. We can do this thru more self sufficiency and preparedness. I would love for you to come along on my journey because that is what life is - a journey. If there is a subject you would like more information on let me know at covingtoncreekcandles@comcast.net

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Homemade, biodegradeable kitty condo

My free homemade biodegradable kitty condo. Boxes are from work but you can pick up nice ones at almost any store.  The bottom two boxes have opening cut into the backs and create a tunnel. The top two boxes are great for kitty naps.  I put a soft towel in each of the two top boxes.  They are held together with packing tape.  First tape the two on the bottom together then put the box on top and tape it down going across the top and onto the bottom back box.  The place the one on top and tape it down the sides and then to around where the top box sits on top of the other one.  I wouldn't put a third box on it.  It would be to tough for the kitties to get into.  I had the scratching pad and just tied it down to help keep it in place.  Oliver loves that pad.   Mia is in the top box and Leo in the next box down. Click on the pic to get a better view of it.