Welcome to Covington Creek Candle Company! I'm so glad you stopped in for a visit. I'm committed to creating a stable lifestyle by self sufficiency. Prices are going to keep going up. Food recalls are increasing. I don't know about you but I like to know how my food was grown and that I'm the one that canned it. I want to help everyone become more self sufficient whether you live in a apartment, the burbs, a acre or two or more. Of course we can't do everything but I think you will be amazed at how much control you can have.

My home business now includes quilted items and rustic home crafts in addition to creating the best and healthiest cold process soap, 100% pure soy candles, bees wax candles and natural/organic salves and lip balm as possible. Many say I have the best Fort Wayne handcrafted soap, salves and candles. I still haven't found the right place to open a brick and mortar store so www.covingtoncreekcandles.com will have the cold process soap rotating. But email me if there is a special item you are looking for and I will do my best to create it. I am all about customer satisfaction. I am continuing to look for a few acres to grow my own ingredients and move the shop part out of my home and into a separate building.

I am trying to help make this a greener and healthier place to live. We can do this thru more self sufficiency and preparedness. I would love for you to come along on my journey because that is what life is - a journey. If there is a subject you would like more information on let me know at covingtoncreekcandles@comcast.net

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Monday, September 15, 2014

New Home for Covington Creek Candle Company

Update - turns out the farmer next door had a drain tile opening about 30 feet on the property and going all the way across the property into the beautiful ravine and continued draining onto the other property on the other side.    I definitely  do not want to grow anything on property like that so the search goes on.

I have been searching for the perfect place to relocate Covington Creek Candle Company and a place to call home.  As soon as we drove onto this property I felt as if I was home.  It's beauty and peace can't be described.    It is 6 acres located in Hoosier lake country.  Four gently rolling wooded acres to grow shade loving and two acres to grow sun loving plants that will provide vital ingredients for my salves and soaps.  I really wish I could show you all of beauty and tranquility this land possess.  Steve (who is very much in touch with living in harmony with the land in the tradition of the American Indians) is planning to build a primitive log cabin on the property from timber on the land.  That is going to be a treat!  A chance to truly become more self sufficient!
Bonus is a pole barn on the property that is the perfect size for a store.  In addition to my soy candles, lotion, salves and cold process soaps I will be adding repurposed treasures.  Steve is a master flinter and handcrafts arrowheads (love the purposes he has for them and the beautiful necklace he made for me and gave to me on our first date.)  He is a master woodcarver and carpenter using the tools of yesterday.  You can expect unique items from him.

I will post updates and pics as we move forward.